The Reshare community was created to help us connect with those around us, open our doors to our neighbors and friends, and share what we can with each other. The more we all share, the more we all have access to, and the less we have to unnecessarily buy. Common items that are great to share and add to the resource pool are: camping equipment, sports equipment, tools, books, video games, bikes, board games, luggage, musical instruments, photo equipment, audio/video equipment, kitchen equipment.

You always have the ability to share what you want, with who you want, or not at all. Change the privacy settings on any of your items to share with only friends, family, housemates, your neighborhood, your city, or with anyone.

Community Rules

  • Before making a request to borrow something, you must have added at least one item that you are willing to lend.
  • Return items promptly when you said you would return them.
  • If a lender asks for something back before the agreed upon date, please respect this wish whenever possible.
  • Respect other people's stuff and take care of it as if it were your own.
  • If something happens to something you are borrowing and it is lost or damaged, be upfront and honest with the lender and pay for fixes or a replacement.
  • When posting an item, if there is a maximum amount of time you are willing to lend it out, please make note of that in the description.
  • Be courteous and respectful of your neighbors. Take the opportunity to get to know them and learn about the people you live so close to.