The reshare community was created to help us connect with those around us, open our doors to our neighbors and friends, and share what we can with each other.

By making better use of the resources we and our community already have available, we can limit the amount of stuff we own and slow down the production of unnecessary goods and waste we produce.

We are living in a world of abundance and excess, and the more we’re able to remove the unnecessary bloat from our lives, the more room we have to fill with people and things that bring us joy.

Our core values


Allowing more people into our lives and communities expands our worlds and brings unexpected connection and joy.


The more we share and give with an open heart, the more comes back in return.


Our earth is sacred and resources are limited. We can slow down our consumption of natural resources and reduce our waste by making better use of what we already have.


Life expands and we are open to more positive energy the less we own and are attached to. We can all own less but have more by sharing.

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